Security Protection & Armoured Vehicle Instructor Training

Security Protection & Armoured Vehicle Instructor Training

Emergency Response Driver Training Ltd (ERDT) is the only training provider that can offer an International Diploma in Security Protection and Armoured Vehicle Driving Instruction Accredited by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

The highly regarded accredited courses can be delivered Worldwide at your location to meet your needs.

Training Overview

The International Diploma courses are designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to deliver and assess defensive security protection (DSP) driving and Armoured Vehicle (AV) driving. The DSP course is designed to reduce the risk when traveling by road, the driver will be competent in searching vehicles and formulating a route plan based on the threat level, they will have the ability to implement the Roadcraft system of car control and tactical evasive driving procedures while being situationally aware of potentially dangerous situations.

The AV course provides in-depth theoretical and practical training on defensive driving techniques and vehicle search procedures, Armoured vehicle capabilities and modifications, vehicle dynamics, handling characteristics and stability management, tactical and evasive driving procedures. It also provides information and guidance on ballistic protection

Available Courses

International Diploma in Security Protection Driving Instruction Accredited by RoSPA
10 Days (Car / 4×4 / SUV / People Carrier)

International Diploma in Armoured Vehicle Driving Instruction Accredited by RoSPA
7 Days (Car / 4×4 / SUV / People Carrier)

Refresher/ Re-Assessment
2 Day

Pre-Course Requirements

The course is designed for drivers with a minimum of 3 years’ operational experience, a background in deliver training and assessments is advantages.

Key Benefits Include

  • RoSPA Internationally Accredited training
  • Delivered by Ex UK Airborne Forces or UK Police trainers

DSP Course Content

  • Defensive and Security Protection Driving Skills
  • Skid Avoidance and Correction
  • Vehicle Selection and Searching
  • Route Planning
  • Departure and Arrival Procedures
  • Security Team Vehicles Responsibilities
  • Security of Departure and Arrival Points
  • Embus and Debus Drill
  • Tactical and Evasive Driving Procedures

AV Course Content

  • Armoured vehicle characteristics and capabilities
  • Armoured vehicle modifications
  • Armoured vehicle ballistic protection
  • Wheels, Tyres & run flats
  • Specialist equipment
  • Searching and Security of Vehicles
  • Armoured vehicle dynamics and stability management
  • Armoured vehicle defensive driving
  • Tactical and evasive driving procedures

DSP & AV Course Content

  • Lesson Preparations & Delivery
  • Practical Instruction
  • Conduct Assessments

Course Delivery

Training can be delivered 7 days a week at your location.

Further Information

Successful candidates will receive certificates and a driver development portfolio.

The courses are delivered by highly qualified Ex-UK Airborne Forces or UK Police Instructors with many years’ experience.

For more information on a specific course, its duration and costs or to book a course please email:

Defensive Protection Security Driver Training

Training at your location

Please Note: Emergency response driving courses using blue lights & sirens are not available to members of the public and any course enquiry must be submitted through your Emergency Service or organisation.