UK Police Emergency Response Driver Training

Police Emergency Response Driver Training

Emergency Response Driver Training Ltd (ERDT) is the only Royal Society for The Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) accredited training provider that can offer a range of Emergency Response Driving (ERD) driver and train the trainer courses accredited by RoSPA and written in-line with the High-Speed Driver Training (HSDT) codes of practice and Section 19 of the Road Safety Act.

ERDT currently deliver training to over 80 Emergency Services across the UK and Worldwide, we have delivered our Internationally RoSPA Accredited training to several Police Services Worldwide.

Course Overview

The course will be delivered at your location to meet your needs, it is based on individual competencies and will ensure the driver has the knowledge, understanding and skill required to driver at normal road speed and under emergency response conditions safety.

Available Courses

  • Police Emergency Response Driving (ERD)
  • Refresher and Re-Assessment Course
  • 4×4 Off-Road Training

Key Benefits Include

  • RoSPA accredited training at your location to meet your needs
  • Training in-line with Section 19 of the UK Road Safety Act
  • Training in-line with High Speed Driver Training (HSDT) codes of practice
  • Tactical use of emergency lights & sirens and tactical positioning training
  • Safer and more progressive response times to incidents

Course Content

  • ERD 1.1 Demonstrate advanced driving skills
  • ERD 1.2 Avoid skids when driving an emergency service vehicle
  • ERD 1.3 Drive vehicles at high speed
  • ERD 1.4 Drive a vehicle in response to an emergency
  • ERD 1.5 Multi vehicle response to an emergency
  • ERD 1.6 Specialist vehicle emergency response driving

Course Delivery

Training can be delivered 7 days a week at your location.

Further Information

Successful candidates will receive certificates and a driver development portfolio in-line with the HSDT driver competency.

The courses are delivered by highly qualified Ex-Emergency Services Driving Instructors with many years’ experience.

For more information on a specific course, its duration and costs or to book a course please email:

Police Emergency Response Driver Training

Training at your location

Please Note: Emergency response driving courses using blue lights & sirens are not available to members of the public and any course enquiry must be submitted through your Emergency Service or organisation.